The Chef

Yvan Gilardi, graduated from the catering school of Thonon les Bains in the Haute-Savoie, and has eighteen years experience working in various gastronomic restaurants.

In 2003 he began to explore the concept of re-creating professional restaurant cooking in people's homes and so he created 'La Toque à domicile'- 'Toquadom'. Between 2006 and 2008 he combined his work as chef in a well-known restaurant in Provence with catering for private clients in their homes, but at the beginning of 2009 he decided to devote all his energies to refining and further developing this unique 'at home' services.

The Toquadom approach means that you can avail of the very best of professional culinary arts at a budget to suit - in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Whether it is for an intimate dinner, a special birthday celebration, a wedding, or cocktail party, Toquadom will meet your exact needs and organize everything.

Your dining experience

With menus starting from €50 per person, the Chef will consult with you in advance as to your personal tastes and requirements, and mindful of the seasons, he will suggest the appropriate menu to provide an unforgettable gourmet experience. On the date in question he will arrive at your home, with all the necessary ingredients and equipment to work in your kitchen.

Toquadom offers other services including:

  • Gastronomy Lessons: if you (and maybe some friends) would like to learn new culinary skills or improve your cooking techniques, Chef Yvan Gilardi offers lessons for adults and children, in your own kitchen.
  • Planning and Organizing: special events for large numbers of guests including wedding or corporate functions.
  • Healthy Eating Consultation: to ensure that you and your family have the very best advice on what foods to prepare and eat for a healthy life.