Your personal chef

To enable you to entertain your guests with a stress-free gastronomic experience 'your personal chef' Yvan Gilardi shops, chops, cooks, bakes and cleans up for you. Menu prices start from €45 per person, and he designs each meal to suit your particular tastes and dietary preferences.

The chef devises a menu with both an entrée and main course, or with four courses: entrée, main, cheese and dessert. All you have to do is provide the tableware.

From choosing and buying the freshest and most seasonal ingredients to delivering the completed meal to your supper table, your 'personal chef' handles everything.

When the chef arrives at the agreed time, he discreetly adapts himself to your kitchen, - size and age are immaterial - though he does request that the dishwasher is empty and there is some space available in your fridge and also that there are some free work surfaces for him to use. When the chef has completed his cooking, he cleans up and leaves your kitchen as he found it.

Gastronomy Lessons.....

Yvan Gilardi has a passion for good cuisine and a desire to share his culinary knowledge and expertise, so he now offers cooking lessons for individuals and groups in their own kitchen. It could be a group of friends, a children's birthday party or preparation for a special event such as traditional Christmas or Easter meals.

In the familiar space of your own kitchen and using your own equipment, you can avail of a hands-on practical lesson from a professional chef who will improve and extend your cooking ability and introduce you to new techniques.

Because this is a personal service, you yourself can choose the theme of the lesson or the dish or dishes you wish to concentrate on, and also the length of time of the lesson. In a two or hour session you might select a number of different recipes to perfect which you can then serve to your family later that day'. Children cookery classes from coq au vin to chocolate cookies, Yvan Gilardi can introduce children to the joys of food preparation in a fun-filled party atmosphere.

Planning and Organizing.....

Whether you need to plan a special menu for an intimate occasion or organize a grand banquet for a large number of guests, Chef Yvan Gilardi can advise you how to plan and arrange any event in a stress-free manner, including choosing the most appropriate wines for the meals you have chosen.

Healthy Eating Consultations.....

If you or members of your family have special dietary needs or perhaps you would just like to ensure that you are eating in a more healthy way, the chef in one or more lessons can advise and show you how to create more appetizing, varied and balanced meals.

Don't hesitate to contact me ( ) on any of the above matters, and I am sure I can come up with a proposal that will meet both your needs and your budget.